What Jobs Can You Get With A Web Design Degree?

If you have a talent for web design, take comfort in knowing there are many jobs that will allow you to showcase yourself. There is a high demand for professionals in this field, meaning you will most likely find it easy to land a job. Whether it be for a government organization, nonprofit association or even working for yourself, web design is a field with endless possibilities. Let’s dive in and take a close look at several jobs you can find yourself working in within the industry of web design.

Front End Developer: One to two years of experience in computer graphics

Front end developers tend to spend the most of their time focusing on the actual layout of a website. They will many times work directly alongside a webmaster. From the visual layout to the tabs and color schemes, there is much involved in this job. To enter into this occupation, you will need one to two years of experience in computer graphics, with an associate’s degree in digital graphics being of great value as well.

WordPress Developer: One to two years of WordPress experience

There’s a good chance you’ve heard about WordPress. It seems everyone is using WordPress these days, whether it be for a blog or company website. This type of content management system is so popular that there is a high demand for WordPress developers. In this line of work, you will create specialized themes and layouts. For example, if you acquire a client who works as a child daycare services provider, you would be responsible for creating a theme that matched this type of business. If you want to become a WordPress Developer, you will need to be fluent in web design code as well as keep yourself fresh with today’s latest WordPress operations. You may or may not need a degree.

Social Media Manager: Two to four year degree

Social media is another wide-open industry in which you can put your web design skills to great use. As a social media manager, you would be responsible for maintaining your employer’s, or your clients’, image(s) on the web. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn, you would have to make sure to stay engaged with consumers as well as carry out any tactics to reverse a negative online reputation. Many times, social media managers work directly alongside content managers to create content that is attractive across all social media platforms. In addition to great web design skills, you will need top-notch marketing skills. An associate’s degree in both web design and marketing are vital to this line of work; however, a higher-level degree would be of even greater value.

Webmaster: Two plus years in web design

As a webmaster, you would likely be in charge of creating and maintaining your clients’ company websites. If you luck out, you will find a position in which you work for only one client who acts as your employer. Many times, however, webmasters have several clients and they are considered to be freelance contractors, also commonly referred to as self-employed. From creating engaging content to embedding attractive images onto web pages, webmasters need at least two years of experience in web design. Many clients will also prefer at least an associate’s-level web design degree.

Content Developers: Excellent writing skills

In this line of work, you will spend your time creating content for websites. In some instances, you will be pouring yourself over a computer for days on end conducting research, followed then by producing a well-written article to be posted on your findings. In other instances, you will be creating videos and infographics to go on your clients’ sites. Many colleges and universities hire content developers to help them with their online content development. To become a content developer, it will be helpful to have at least one to three years of content development experience; however, your success will be determined by your writing and video production skills.

Web Content Copywriter: Perfect writing skills

Much like a content developer, as a web content copywriter you will need superb writing skills. Unlike a content developer, however, you won’t be creating infographics, videos, etc. Instead, you will stick to written content. Whether it be a press release, blog post or newsletter, your writing skills need to be perfect and your editing skills need to be even better. To enter into the field of web content copywriting, you will need great writing skills, and it wouldn’t hurt for you to be familiar with search engine optimization tactics as well as have a minor degree in business administration or marketing.

It’s simple to see that your career options are in abundance when it comes to employing your web design skills. Just keep in mind, this field is often one that mandates and prefers experience over credentials; however, earning a degree will still be of the utmost value. As you progress in your career, even from one job to the next, make sure you develop an organized and serious portfolio.

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