Is It Harder to get a Web Design Degree Online?

Most people today use the Internet to get information, as a social outlet and for gaming. With the increased use of computers comes increased demand for website designers, but is it harder to get an online degree?

Which is Better, Online Web Design Schools or Brick-and Mortar

Both options offer degrees in web design. Few people seem to consider web design online degree harder difficulty. First, you have to become more familiar with your computer to take an online course, and that is the core of web design. Second, technology changes so fast in this field that traditional texts and class structure may not be up-to-date with latest trends and technologies. Third, the learning style of online education, with daily interaction and required participation in forums, may keep students more involved. In addition, students can schedule learning around their life activities.

What are the Options for Online Web Design Education

Actually, no degree is required for the career, but the complex nature of Internet communications makes employers choosy when hiring people. Most of them seek credentialed applicants. It is possible to take a six-month online course or two from an individual, or a non-accredited school, and earn a certificate. For those serious about a career in web design however, the basic level of education is an associate’s degree. These include many of the courses that bachelor’s degree students take. An associate’s degree can lead to an entry-level job in web design. There are many good accredited online schools, and they usually advertise through the Internet. It is easy to check their credentials through your state’s accredited schools list. Brick-and-mortar schools with online components are good choices as well.

How are Web Design Schools Accredited

According to Web Design Schools it is important to remember that agencies that accredit schools are usually private organizations and their standards may differ. The Department of Education maintains a website which lists accredited schools by state. If a school is not listed, it might be because it is too new, or has not applied for accreditation. Students should be wary, however, because sub-standard degrees are not worth the high cost of earning them.

How Long Will it take to Earn a Degree in Web Design

There is a two-year “certificate of web design” which differs from the generic certificate offered by some non-accredited schools and is almost the equivalent of an associate degree. An associate degree can also be earned in two years. A bachelor’s degree takes four years and it is possible to go on to a doctorate after that. Much depends on the tack you take within the program as well. You may choose web design or web development; each program has its own requirements. There are internships offered, but they are not part of the formal education. It should be noted that many employers value experience with the degree, and an internship might be a way to enter the job field. Students should expect to pay from $30,000 for an associate degree to $60,000 or more for a bachelor’s degree in web design.

What Will I Study in a web design program

At the most basic level, students are taught HTML and other computer language. They are introduced to the basics of web design, including user interface and page structure. There are classes in digital imaging which teaches how to prepare images for websites. In addition, there are classes in animation, information design, code programming, and communications. Remembering that web design incorporates artistic concepts, there are also classes in art design like color and composition.

What Kind of Resources and Support are Available for Online Students

One of the advantages of online schools is that access to the teacher is built into the program through email. Instructors are not just available during office hours. In addition, online students at brick-and-mortar schools have access to the school’s online lending library. Online classes also rely heavily upon student participation in forums, and so peers are also readily available for assistance or reassurance at any time.

What Jobs can Web Designers get

According to Web Design there are several jobs available to applicants with degrees in web design. They can become

•           Computer scientists and database administrators

•           Desktop publishers

•           Online content writers and programmers.

•           Software designers for gaming systems

•           Working for advertising corporations

•           Employment in the communications departments of other large corporations

•           Self-employed consultants

•           Corporate webmasters

The median salary for web designers is $50,000 while software developers earn about $70,000 annually. Consultant fees are set by the designer.

Online programs in web design can lead to lucrative careers. What better place to learn about Internet technology than at your own keyboard?

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